Black Mountain Plastics is a wholesale body bag supplier. Our body bags are made of high quality durable material designed to do their job so you can do your job. We offer a wide variety of affordable bags to suit every situation you and your team might encounter. All of our bags for cadavers are available in a variety of sizes. Should you require a special type or size of bag please contact us at 708.203.6944.


Black Mountain Plastics is a wholesale supplier of high quality mortuary garments. Every garment we sell is strictly made from 100% PEVA material which makes our product eco-friendly and won't harm the environment. PEVA material is also much stronger than vinyl and more resistant to tearing. We are focused on providing the highest quality garments in the industry. Our garments are manufactured in a variety of sizes and can be ordered individually or by the case. Please contact us for larger quantity discounts.